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X-Zylo Baffles NASA

The amazing X-Zylo can soar 600 feet, weighs less than an ounce, and has baffled NASA experts. It's a breakthrough flying object that puts the traditional Frisbee in the dark ages, as it's a cross between a Frisbee and a football, and spirals through the sky like nothing you've ever seen before. I

t's easy to catch. The ultimate game of catch! The flying gyroscope has amazed NASA technology experts and has received a rating of 'BEST' in MIT tests. It is actually a palm-sized cylindrical object that when thrown properly can travel distances of 600 feet or about three football fields. As one of our devoted testers said, "It does something that your intuition says is not possible."

Technical information

The X-zylo contains a gyroscopic rim at the leading edge of the cylinder's body, which allows it to maintain its projected direction and attitudinal orientation. The rim's angular momentum prevents it from nosing down as a response to the force of gravity. As long as the angular momentum is adequate to offset disturbing torques, such as gravity or air turbulence, X-zylo will hold its orientation and fly in the direction of launch. However, as X-zylo loses its angular momentum, gravity will prevail and the rim will tend to nose down about its horizontal axis. Find out more...


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X-Zylo Baffles NASA




X-Zylo Baffles NASA



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