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Suunto Vector Sports Watch

A combination Altimeter, Barometer and Compass with all the features of an advanced timepiece. Click on the 'more' button below for precise details of what this amazing watch can do. If you want to be prepared for anything next time you leave the house, this is the watch for you.

The Suunto Vector is the ultimate in wrist-wear instrumentation for outdoors adventure, including an intriguing combination of a time-piece, altimeter, thermometer, barometer, compass, stop watch, and alarm. It resembles a digital watch on steroids, and fits neatly onto your wrist. Also, its been to the top of Everest, so you can be sure that wherever you go on the planet you will be well prepared for all physical elements.

Features and Information


Effective to 9,000 meters, measures ascent and descent rates, features an adjustable altitude alarm, and a 24-hour logbook memory. Range: -500 to 9,000m / -1,600 to 27,000ft; resolution: 5m / 10ft


Stores the circular, self-erasing data in 6 hour intervals for up to 4 days. (range: 300 to 1,100 mbar / 8.90 to 32.40 inHg; resolution: 1mbar / 0.05 inHg) For anyone with a shred of meteorological know-how, this information will help predict weather conditions.


We found the digital compass to be the most interesting. A small bubble level is fitted in the Vector's display window to ensure accurate compass readings, and the compass can be set for declination. When in compass mode, or whenever you press the "take bearing" button while in any other mode, the Vector displays the current bearing in both degrees and in cardinal or half-cardinal points (i.e. N, NW, W, SW, S, etc.).


The time mode features the standard stuff - time, day of the week, date, stopwatch, and alarm (three actually), while the altimeter mode boasts an extremely accurate altimeter with a range to 29,000 feet, and a powerful trip memory and evaluation function.

Overall, whether hiking, biking, skiing, climbing, the cutting-edge technology and user friendly functions make Vector the ideal outdoor companion. Waterproof to 100ft / 30m, this 1.9oz wristop computer features an illuminescent backlight for night and other low visibility conditions. Find out more...


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Suunto Vector Sports Watch - Buy NOW!

Suunto Vector Sports Watch




Suunto Vector Sports Watch



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