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Soul Mp3 CD Player

The SOUL portable MP3-CD enables you to listen to standard audio CDs as well as the MP3 and WMA (Windows Media Audio) files that you've recorded to CD-Rs and CD-RWs, letting you enjoy more than 20 hours of digital audio from one CD.

When you consider the cost of a CD is approx 50pence it looks very attractive. Plus, SOUL's large backlit LCD supports ID3 tags and CD Text, simplifying song identification from any compatible disc, while 120-second antishock protects you from the horrors of jumping music.

While the SOUL is one of the first portable CD player in the family of Rio digital audio players, the manufacturer was thinking ahead: the device supports firmware upgrades to accommodate future digital audio formats. The SOUL's playback time is a mightily impressive 15 hours on two AA batteries. Don't worry however if 15 hours isn't enough for you because you'll find an AC/DC adapter in the box.

The ID3 text display includes track number, song name, artist name, folder (album title) and overall playing time. The SOUL also lets you navigate through directories and search for tracks one by one or in blocks of 10.

A sexy, easy to use eight-function remote control lets you operate the SOUL while it's tucked away in its carrying case. Audio features include adjustable equalisation curves with five presets (normal, jazz, rock, classical, ultrabass), repeat and shuffle play modes and programmable playlists.

Features: Normal audio CDs, MP3 CD-R, CD-RW and WMA. Anti-Shock ESP. Play, pause, stop, skip, search, repeat and shuffle. Track/artist display (ID3-tag). Auto Detects Audio CD or MP3 CD. Bass boost. Graphic equalizer: Normal, Rock, Jazz and Classic. Program button allows you to to create custom play lists of up to 999 songs. Supports Packet Write, 1S09660, Joliet, Romeo, and Multi-Session CD-R's/CD-RW's. Resume Function. Directory Navigation by folder name. Dot matrix Backlit graphical display. 15 hours battery life. Forward/reverse track skip. Repeat one, all or random. Supports MP3 and WMA files. Upgradeable firmware. Find out more...


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Soul Mp3 CD Player - Buy NOW!

Soul Mp3 CD Player




Soul Mp3 CD Player



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