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Slambango Russian Roulette Drinking Game

Slambango is the outstanding new adult drinking game that goes BANG! Based on what military officers used to do when returning from the battlefield and celebrating victory.

Originating from a combination of cultures both ancient and forgotten. During the early 19th century, military officers returning from the battlefield would celebrate victory by pouring their favourite tipple into a shot glass, drinking, then slamming the glass down hard onto the table creating a loud bang. Slambango is the modern version of this military pastime. Caps are fitted onto a special widget on the base of the glasses, these are then placed onto the slamming rack and filled with drink. Each player then lifts their glass, drinks the drink and slams the glass hard onto the slamming rack or mat creating the "Slambango" experience. There's loads of games you can play, but what the heck, it's so much fun just making the noise!

Example game: Take one glass from the set and load it with a cap, pressing it firmly onto the widget. Slot this loaded glass into the groove in the Slambango mat with the other glasses. The players shuffle the glasses around to disguise the loaded glass and one player fills all the glasses with drink. When the glasses are full, the players pick up the nearest one to them, drink their shot and in turn slam their glass onto the slamming mat. Whoever has the glass that bangs is then "Slambangoed" and is out of the game and the remaining players are left to repeat the exercise. The one surviving player wins and collects the wager, or sets the forfeit for the next game! This is how we play Slambango, but feel free to make up your own rules - forfeits/gambling etc. Find out more...


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Slambango Russian Roulette Drinking Game - Buy NOW!

Slambango Russian Roulette Drinking Game




Slambango Russian Roulette Drinking Game



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