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Slam Man

Although it looks like Hannibal Lecter in silence of the lambs, with 15 pre-programmed unique workouts, the Slam Man offers you a whole new fun way of working out. Not only will you be having fun, but you'll be burning calories, receiving aerobic training and getting muscle sculpting benefits.

Ever wanted your own personal fitness instructor at your beck and call? If so the Slam Man is the answer. You can naturally firm up and tone muscles while you improve your stamina, reflexes and co-ordination as well as helping to reduce stress. With SlamMan, you are duplicating a boxer's workout, concentrate on your speed, or work on your power punching.

The Slam Man is a computerized, freestanding piece of equipment that is used like a heavy bag. It allows you to practice punches with flashing red lights prompting you to arrange your punches in a certain combination.

Forget about boring/repetitious exercise machines! With Slam Man, you can make up your own boxing combinations as you desire. Slam Man is so durable that you can hit him as hard as you like, and he even lights up so that you know when and where to hit him.

He's Built to last:

Slam Man's base and torso are made of thick high-density, blow-molding polyethylene plastic which means that he is capable of withstanding high impact stress at all temperature levels. No matter how many times you hit him, Slam Man will stay in one piece, as all base and torso seams have two layers of plastic pinched together, giving a dual layer of protection.

Slam Man's mini-computer will keep you fighting fit:

All of the 15 Slam Man boxing programs were developed by a professional boxer based on actual boxing techniques. There are different skill levels, and 5 different boxing programs. You can set the time of your workout, and he gives you a score at the end according to how well you have performed. Find out more...


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Slam Man




Slam Man



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