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Secure Lumi Lock

The 3.5-inch combination lock with multifunction toggle switch, illuminated combination dials and a 55-inch retractable steel aircraft cable is designed to endure rough handling as well as the most aggressive attempts at tampering. Simply extend the cable through and around your valuables.

LumiLock is the amazing new 3-in-1 lock that secures all possessions and bags more conveniently, reliably and stylishly than anything else in the industry. It has a super-strong combination lock with illuminated dials so you can set your code anytime, anywhere, and instead of a mere metal bar, a vinyl-covered retractable aircraft cable of the highest strength steel protects your valuables against even the most aggressive tampering.

The worst battering, bashing and banging won't affect the LumiLock's high impact casing, and it's illuminated dials, and built-in name tag, will stand out and identify your items to the max. Find out more...


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Secure Lumi Lock




Secure Lumi Lock



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