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Remote Control Stealth B2 Bomber

A full sized original B2 Stealth will cost you about $3 Billion, and unless you're planning on taking over a small country is a bit expensive. This scaled down version enables you to enjoy and control the breathtaking design features of the B2, at a fraction of the cost. They come under cover of darkness.

Glide through the night sky undetected. They strike, and then, as stealthily as they came, they're gone. Want to fly one? Go ahead! It's the B2 Stealth Bomber, the radio-controlled aircraft that puts you at the command. It comes complete with everything you need to fly, including a charger and transmitter. With variable-speed control, and high-tech "Elevon" flight surfaces that control pitch and roll functions, the B2 is a top pick for simulating the fun and action of stealth flying.

The Megatech B-2 MegaStealth takes the thrills and excitement of radio-control flight to a new dimension. The sleek, futuristic shape easily makes the B-2 the most recognisable aircraft in the world today. The advanced design of this large 48" wingspan model provides maximum manoeuvrability for incredible flying fun. Easily assembled in minutes without tools or glue, the B-2 is suited to both new and advanced flyers. A quiet, powerful Mabuchi electric motor drives the B-2's propeller through a precision gearbox unit, while variable speed and flight control functions are directed by the Pro-style transmitter. The advanced R/C system provides solid control of the model at distances up to 1/2 mile away!

Other plane flyers will run when they see this in the air down your local park. Find out more...


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Remote Control Stealth B2 Bomber - Buy NOW!

Remote Control Stealth B2 Bomber




Remote Control Stealth B2 Bomber



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