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Red Wine Breather

The red wine breather achieves a perfect red wine in less than a minute, while traditional decanting takes up to four hours to accomplish. It is very easy to use. Most red wines need to be breathed before consumption to remover the strong taste of tannin.

Tannin is a by-product of wine fermentation and is left in the wine as a natural preservative. It needs to be removed from the wine, by introducing oxygen. Many people believe that simply removing the cork and leaving the bottle of wine to stand will breath the wine. All this actually accomplishes is to make the top few millimetres drinkable, but the substantial majority of the wine will remain unaffected.

Historically therefore, red wine has been decanted and then left at room temperature. Decanting red wine results in vast amounts of oxygen being introduced thus reducing the amount of tannin. This then allows the full flavours of the wine to be properly appreciated.

The red wine breather achieves in less than a minute what traditional decanting takes up to four hours to accomplish. It is very easy to use, simply extend the plunger from the centre of the breather, pull the outer sleeve up and place the plunger into the neck of the bottle, with the base of the sleeve resting on the rim.

Allow the sleeve to slowly return to its normal position as the air is gently bubbled through the wine. The wine is now ready to drink. Obviously, the Red Wine Breather is not suitable for use with vintage wines but it is ideal for using with most average priced wines and is perfect for those of us not prepared to wait for the four hours that decanting the old fashioned way takes. Find out more...


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Red Wine Breather




Red Wine Breather



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