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Professional Truth Machine

With this item in the office nobody can tell a lie without being detected, unless of course they have the skills of Sharon Stone in Basic instinct. You can even test individuals on the TV, but it may explode if placed near a politician.

This updated model also has the facility to be connect direct to you telephone line. Next time you're not sure if someone is telling the truth, get this little gadget out and find out for sure. For many years scientists tried to innovate a successful lie detector, American researchers eventually developing the psychological stress evaluator (PSE) and the voice stress analyser (VSA). Both these two inventions are used in the technological make up of the Truth Machine, which by picking up micro tremors in the voice not detectable to the human ear, and measuring the amplitude of the upper and lower sidebands of the frequency spectrum of the voice, detects stress. The input is analysed, and results shown visually in a column of LED lights, indicating green for truth and red for lying. If the LED illumination reaches the top, someone if telling a real big porky pie.

This updated Professional model has 18 LEDs to give a higher resolution readout, adaptor input and telephone tap input capability. It normally sells for £50, but we're so fed up with the amount of lying going on, we're doing a special promotion on it.

The Machine is not 100% accurate all the time and no responsibility is taken for marriage break-ups etc. Find out more...


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Professional Truth Machine




Professional Truth Machine



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