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Pure Oxygen Body Fuel

Just three hundred years ago, the density of oxygen in the environment on earth was 30 percent. Today it is 19-20 percent. Simple living cell creatures will adapt to such changes in the environment. However, man has not become more efficient at extracting Used by Britney Spears and David Beckham, the canister contains 8 litres of pure Oxygen at a minimum of 99.5% purity, making sure you feel fully refreshed after a few blasts. It's great for hangovers, or in fact anytime you need a little more energy. Why use the opur pure oxygen canister?

It's great as a hangover cure, or just to pick you up a bit if your hectic lifestyle is getting too much. It has been shown to combat stress well, increase your memory, and help your immune system...

Man has not become more efficient at extracting oxygen from the air, nor has he developed larger lungs to take in more air by volume. This results in lower tissue oxygen levels, lower energy production, lower cellular function, lower glandular function, slow accumulation of toxins resulting in toxemia and a general feeling of "just not feeling good".

So, if you're feeling a bit run down, just take a few blasts on the canister which contains 8 litres of pure Oxygen at a minimum of 99.5% purity, making sure you feel fully refreshed.

Features of the O-PUR pure oxygen supplement. New and unique inhaler/canister product. User friendly canister/inhaler. Compact 3in x 12in canister/inhaler. Cost effective canister/inhaler. Contains 8 litres of pure Oxygen at a minimum of 99.5% purity. The pure Oxygen contains no expellants, additives, preserving agents or aromas. The canister/inhaler weighs just 160 grammes.

Using the Opur canister encourages good belly breathing and at the same time gives the correct purity of oxygen. The oxygen canister is used by sportsmen and women and celebrities.


"I cracked the can open and took a gulp. Then another and another. Pure oxygen, clean air, something none of us breathes too much of, feels fantastic." Mail on Sunday Magazine. Find out more...


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Pure Oxygen Body Fuel - Buy NOW!

Pure Oxygen Body Fuel




Pure Oxygen Body Fuel



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