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Nitro Razor Professional Remote Control Car

Fast enough to use for professional remote control racing (reaches speeds up to 50 mph), it's ready to run staight out of the box, and has a sleek black finish. If your looking for the very best in remote control car racing, then the Nitro Razor is the car for you. It runs on Nitro fluid, making it much faster than electric models, and is good enough to use in professional model car racing.

Unlike most other Nitro cars, the Razor has a auto-shift 2 speed transmission, for superior control.

Main Features:

    • Ready to Run in Minutes.
    • Shaft Drive w/ adjustable 2-speed transmission.
    • Heavy-duty anodized aluminum chassis/radio plate.
    • Sealed receiver/battery box.
    • Adjustable oil-filled shocks w/ powder coated springs.
    • Race-compound radial tires & lightweight wheels.
    • Complete ball bearings. Front & rear anti-roll bars.
    • Factory-installed metal tuned exhaust system.
    • Megatech .15 engine w/ recoil starter.
    • Painted & trimmed body.
    • Installed Hitec Lynx Radio.

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Nitro Razor Professional Remote Control Car - Buy NOW!

Nitro Razor Professional Remote Control Car




Nitro Razor Professional Remote Control Car



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