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Mobile Phone Wave Buster

It takes a couple of seconds to fit this little gadget to your mobile phone, but it could save you from serious health risks that recent reports suggest can be caused by the electromagnetic waves (EMF) that are emitted when using your mobile phone.

Recent reports have linked electromagnetic waves (EMF) emitted by mobile phones to potentially serious health risks. Suspected effects of exposure to intensive levels of EMF are loss of memory, Parkinson's, Alzheimer, Leukaemia, headaches, brain tumoursand much more. Wave Buster is a product from Daewoo that is the only device independently tested to absorb up to 70% EMF from mobile phones.

Wave Buster is patented world-wide. Its unique multi layered ceramic composition and precision manufacturing process guarantee maximum EMF absorption. It is a two piece product that uses a self-adhesive backing to fit quickly and simply to all types of mobile phones. Part B fits over the speaker, part A by the aerial (internal or external).

It is independently tested to have no negative affect on transmission, reception or battery life. Find out more...

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Mobile Phone Wave Buster




Mobile Phone Wave Buster



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