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Mini-Z Racer Mini Remote Control



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Mini-Z Racer Mini Remote Control

At only 6" long, super fast and ready to run straight out of the box, the Mini Z racer is simply the best in radio controlled fun. Kyosho Mini-Z racers are the most sophisticated powered models of their kind.

You'll be amazed at the authentic exterior detail of these 6" long machines. Their true-scale bodies feature such fine touches as headlights, rear wings and decals for accurate markings. Inside, high-tech engineering produces exceptionally realistic performance -- with forward and reverse two-wheel drive, fully proportional steering, sophisticated suspension action and more.

Imagine a machine that measures only inches long, is compact enough to run right on your desktop, and can do nearly anything that a real car can do: accelerate, turn right or left, go forward or reverse, brake -- all at your command via radio transmitter. Kyosho Mini-Z racers fit that description exactly.

On the outside, they capture the sleek, streamlined style of popular full-size cars. On the inside, they break new ground in radio-control technology. Take a look at the engineering that makes a Mini-Z move. It all comes completely factory-assembled and ready for racing fun. Find out more...


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Mini-Z Racer Mini Remote Control - Buy NOW!

Mini-Z Racer Mini Remote Control




Mini-Z Racer Mini Remote Control



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