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Mega Joy II Retro Gaming

Just plug this beauty into the back of your TV, and relive all those timeless computer games of the 1980's. The Mega Joy contains 70 classic games.

It looks like the controller for a widely used console (you know what we are getting at...) but it is actually more like a game pad for reliving all those amazingly cool and timeless computer games of the 80's. Just plug it into the back of your TV (with supplied scart lead), and you'll immediately have the option of playing any of 70 action packed classics.

All those joyful memories of playing those cool games that had to be loaded by tape, or cost 10p down the arcade will come flooding back, giving you a real sense of nostalgic euphoria...

Games include:

Olympics, Pole Position, Pac Man, Jewel, Tetris, 1942, Mortal Kombat, New Human, Legend of Kage, Space Invaders, Lunar Ball, Chess, Mortal Kombat, Gradius, Super Dig Dug, Yie Ar Kung Fu, Lode Runner, and Burger Time. Find out more...


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Mega Joy II Retro Gaming - Buy NOW!

Mega Joy II Retro Gaming




Mega Joy II Retro Gaming



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