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Lifestyle - Latest Lifestyle Goods Make Ideal Gifts & Presents

For practical, cool, and fun lifestyle accessories take a look at the collection below. Give yourself a boost with some pure oxygen, or the affirmation ball, weigh yourself in style with the Big Foot squidgy scales, or buy an all in one fireworks display to round off a party with a bang...

Pure Oxygen - Body Fuel

Just three hundred years ago, the density of oxygen in the environment on earth was 30 percent. Today it is 19-20 percent. Simple living cell creatures will adapt to such changes in the environment. However, man has not become more efficient at extracting Used by Britney Spears and David Beckham, the canister contains 8 litres of pure Oxygen at a minimum of 99.5% purity, making sure you feel fully refreshed after a few blasts. It's great for hangovers, or in fact anytime you need a little more energy. Find out more...

Mathmos Bubble - Give us a feel

It's made from silicone (but you can't tell), emits a comforting glow and is small enough to cup in the palm of a hand (unlike most other silicone products), and because of its size and shape the Mathmos Bubble light is not limited to just glowing and looking pretty. Find out more...

Worst Case Scenario - Dating and Sex edition

Hands-on, step-by-step illustrated instructions help guide you through all possible perils d'amour. Tasteful and useful, with an appendix of body language, pickup lines, and all-purpose excuses. Find out more...

Chill Pillow - No ordinary pillow

Rest your head against this relaxing pillow and let yourself drift away, as the soothing sounds of the ocean, night crickets, waterfall or chirping birds, take away the tension from your day. Find out more...

Floating Globe - It defies gravity

This is amazing - A well crafted and detailed globe, that actually levitates, and rotates, just like the one we live on. People literally will not believe their eyes when they see this magic globe levitating effortlessly in your front room. Find out more...

Prince Lux Lighter - A blasting blue flame

With it's ergonomic design, chrome finish, and inextinguishable gas jet flame, this really is a top of the range class lighter. It's ideal for windy conditions, and you could even blowtorch a creme brulee with it. Find out more...

Big Foot Bathroom Scales - Amazingly comfortable

Weighing yourself can be a daunting experience at the best of times, but these playful feet provide a very soft touch no matter how you tip the scales. Made of polyurethane expanded resin and metal, they are very cushioned/comfortable, with a squishy feel. Find out more...

Instant Fireplace or Aquarium - Even better than the real thing

There's no better way to relax than in front of a roaring log fire, or cool aquarium, but both involve a lot of maintenance. These great videos cut out the need to carry logs, feed the fish, clean the tank...and are as U2 say "even better than the real thing". Find out more...

Mathmos Tumbler - Flip - Amazing coloured light brick

Tumbler is the latest product in the Mathmos Modern range, and probably the best. This "Flip" version displays a different colour depending on which side it is rested on, and is guaranteed to amaze. Find out more...

Old School Ashtray - Just push and ash

Old cigarette buts and ash cause a nasty aroma if left lying around, but this no longer needs to be the case with this old school ashtray that keeps. Find out more...

Birillo 'Skittle' Lamp - Impossible to Knock over

Designed by Birillo, this cool looking lamp has an Innovative tumbler action making it impossible to knock over. It has an adjustable head through 45 degrees up and down, and a low voltage light source for excellent illumination. Find out more...

Air Quality Monitor - For healthy living

The 4 line LCD Monitor measures indoor air quality, and records air quality history over the past 6 days or 6 hours. If you want to make sure you body is getting a good supply of quality air then this is an ideal gadget. Find out more...

Affirmation Ball - Very uplifting

Feeling in need of a little support? Is your hectic lifestyle taking its toll? Just ask the affirmation ball something, and a second later it will reply with 1 of 20 reassuring and amusing messages which are guaranteed to restore your flagging confidence. Go ahead, make your day. Find out more...

Sarcastic Ball - Very snide

Feeling a little too sure of your self? (often occurs after too much of the affirmation ball). The sarcastic Ball will set you straight. Ask any yes -or-no question and it will magically respond with a snide remark. Includes twenty responses such as "Yeah, Right" and "In Your Dreams". Find out more...

Instant inflatable Bed - No blowing needed

This handy inflatable bed comes with an automatic pump, so when you need a spare bed you'll have one in a press of a button, and in under a minute. Lets face it the last thing you need when you want to lie down is a massive blowing session. Find out more...

Spaghetti Candles - Just don't boil them!

These amazing candles can be bent into any shape, and last for around 40 minutes each. You can coil them around anything, but you'll have to remember to warn friends not to boil them as they make a terrible bolognaise. Find out more...

Excuse & Relationship keyrings - You'll always be one step ahead

Your life will run a lot smoother when these two keyrings arrive in the post. After a quick shake, each keyring will give you one of 20 tried and tested excuses to get you out of any tight situation whether at work, or if you're having relationship trouble. Find out more...

Complete Fireworks Display - Just light it once and stand back!

Just stand back with you friends, and watch the amazing 3 minute dispaly that includes 147 shot candle combination of pyrotechnical wizardry that is second to none. It contains a multitude of crackles, comets, and stars, with a crashing multi shot finale worthy of finishing any display. Find out more...

Worst Case Scenario - The Ultimate survival Handbook

The best selling book in which experts provide step-by-step instructions for escaping, avoiding, or surviving a wide range of dire situations, like if your parachute doesn't open, being stalked by a lion. Find out more...

Guzzini Toaster - Make toast in style

This quality Italian toaster will add a bit of style to any toast snack. Find out more...

Pocket Slideout Ashtray - For tidy smokers

If you're a smoker that is tired of asking if anyone has an ashtray when in new surroundings, this is the ideal gadget for you. It's about 6cm long and slides in and out for easy operation. Find out more...

Shower Radio - Singing in the shower just got better

Whether you're into karaoke showers or news radio, this water-resistant portable radio is the way to go. It's got a great Titanium look, and has loads of features. Find out more...

Thermoventilator - Climate control - Heater/Fan

This Italian designed innovation is probably the most effective and stylish climate control device you can buy. It's got an in built thermostat to regulate the temperature, so making a room exactly the temperature you desire by cooling in the summer, and heating in the winter. Find out more...

Popper Popcorn Machine - Home cinema accessory

Next time you watch a film at home you don't need to go without fresh popcorn, as the popper makes approximately 3 litres of fat-free (and unburned!) popcorn in just 3 minutes. Find out more...

Guzzini Knife Set and Base - Ergonomic knife set

This stylish Italian 4 stainless steel knife set has handles made of dual material, with an emphasis on ergonomics and safety of use. Find out more...

Toilet Roll Holder Clock/Radio - To keep you company..

Listen to your favorite tunes while on the bog. It's got a cool silver finish, and is the ideal toilet companion along with. Find out more...

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Lifestyle Presents, Goods, Gifts for Healthy Lifestyles - Buy NOW!

For practical, cool, and fun lifestyle accessories take a look at the collection below. Give yourself a boost with some pure oxygen, or the affirmation ball, weigh yourself in style




For practical, cool, and fun lifestyle accessories take a look at the collection below. Give yourself a boost with some pure oxygen, or the affirmation ball, weigh yourself in style



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