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Jet Ski

Engine Type Yamaha two-stroke, inline twin cylinder with YPVS (Yamaha PowerValve System),Bore ,x Stroke: 80.0mm x 78.0mm, Displacement: 784cc, Horsepower 120 @ 7,000 rpm, Compression Ratio (corrected): 6.6:1, Intake System: Crankcase reed valve, Fuel Induc This all-new two-seater is powered by a 120-hp engine and has precision handling thanks to its race-inspired hull. All the power you need, for some great jet-ski fun on the water.

Features and Information:

    • Engine Type: Yamaha two-stroke, inline twin cylinder with YPVS (Yamaha PowerValve System)
    • Bore x Stroke: 80.0mm x 78.0mm
    • Displacement: 784cc
    • Horsepower 120 @ 7,000 rpm
    • Compression Ratio (corrected): 6.6:1
    • Intake System: Crankcase reed valve
    • Fuel Induction System: 2 Mikuni BN "I" 44mm carburetors with accelerator pump
    • Exhaust System: Yamaha Power Valve System
    • Cooling System: Water-cooled, open loop
    • Jet Pump: Axial flow, single stage
    • Recommended Fuel: Regular gasoline (87-octane minimum)
    • Fuel Capacity (Inc. Reserve): 13.2 gallons
    • Fuel Consumption: 12.9 gallons per hour (wide-open throttle)

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Jet Ski




Jet Ski



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