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Instant Inflatable Bed

This handy inflatable bed comes with an automatic pump, so when you need a spare bed you'll have one in a press of a button, and in under a minute. Lets face it the last thing you need when you want to lie down is a massive blowing session.

This instant Bed inflates in less than a minute and deflates in just 15 seconds using patented technology. The Ni-Cd rechargeable pump weighs less than one pound and inflates the bed 8 times on a single charge. It's made of a special nylon/pvc blended fabric that resists, wear, tear, punctures and stains better than ordinary mattresses. It's water resistant and fade resistant, too, and comes with its own deluxe tote bag.

The special pump creates the firmest, most comfortable sleeping surface you can find, being three times firmer than ordinary air mattresses. A built in 9-inch pillow supports your neck and head for superb comfort no matter where you are.

This is an amazing bed, ideal for a spare bed, the beach, the pool, the garden, camping, hiking. Find out more...


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Instant Inflatable Bed - Buy NOW!

Instant Inflatable Bed




Instant Inflatable Bed



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