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Indoor Remote Control Helicopter

Hoverfly is the best little helicopter ever - It comes attractively finished and ready to fly, it's small, tough and quiet - and it flies indoors, yet handles just like its bigger brothers. Imagine the excitement of hovering motionless, then soaring away as the aircraft obeys your every command! Soon you are progressing from hovering and precision landings to the new challenges of nose-in flying, figures-of-eight and other exciting manoeuvres.

As soon as you unpack your Hoverfly the fun starts. There is no complex assembly or set-up, and none of the worries about engines, batteries and weather associated with conventional model helicopters. With Hoverfly, you can go helicopter flying at a fraction of the cost and with a minimum of frustrating downtime.

Hoverfly the most robust, simple and easy-to-fix helicopter around. You can spend more time flying, and less rebuilding it. And if an accident does happen, spares are readily available at a fraction of the cost of conventional equivalents.

The Hoverfly is the ideal RTF Helicopter trainer for indoor use and features a patented electronic swash plate system.The Hoverfly uses 3 electric motors for lift and cyclic control, the speed of the motors being adjusted to create a cyclic effect. The tail rotor is also electric motor driven via a belt, and has rpm adjustment for pitch control.The Hoverfly also features an in-built Piezo Gyro that ensures that it is incredibly stable in the yaw axis.

Please note: The Hoverfly operates at all times on a thin umbilical, called the Command Line. The downside to this is obvious; however, the command line is thin (0.7mm) and unobtrusive, and has several major advantages:

Firstly, you can fly continuously, which is great for learning. More generally, direct mains power means that there is almost no preparation required before a session, so if you have a spare five minutes, you can spend it flying. Conventional models are not like this; you have transmitter, receiver, glo-starter, engine starter or flight battery packs to charge up and maintain, as well as travel to and from a flying field in order to get a flight.

Secondly, the absence of batteries saves a lot of weight, which makes the Hoverfly much less prone to breaking when it crashes (Hoverfly weighs under 70g). The motors run cool and last a long time, unlike those on standard electric helicopters in which the main drive motor has to work so hard it seems ready to melt. Also, you are saved the cost of several flight packs and a fast charger.

The Command Line supplied as standard is 3.5m (about 12 ft) in length. This lets you reach the corners of a fairly large room. A 6m (20 ft) upgrade line is available if needed. Despite being so thin, the wire is amazingly robust.

Features Include

    • Unique electric swashplate
    • In-built Piezo Gyro
    • Unlimited flying time - mains powered
    • Power reaches the helicopter via a thin cable
    • Controller with cable to helicopter is included
    • Limited crash damage due to low main rotor speed/inertia
    • Easy Maintenance

Simulator software is included with the helicopter, and it is advisable to practice on it first before launching the real helicopter in your sitting room. Find out more...


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Indoor Remote Control Helicopter - Buy NOW!

Indoor Remote Control Helicopter




Indoor Remote Control Helicopter



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