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Garmin GPS 12 Personal Navigator

Next time you leave home, take this technologically advanced GPS Unit and you can be sure to make it home safe and sound. It's an affordable 12 parallel channel handheld GPS for outdoor.

The GPS 12's rugged, waterproof case features military-tough construction, and its rocker keypad design provides true one-hand operation that keeps you on the move-day or night, rain or shine. It also features 500 available waypoints, 1024 track log points, and nine proximity waypoints, to mark and steer clear of dangerous areas. The innovative Garmin TracBack function enables you to turn your track log into an instant breadcrumb trail, allowing you to reverse your route in order to quickly navigate back home.

As an added bonus, the GPS 12 also boasts a position averaging feature which diminishes the effects of Selective Availability (SA) upon position error, and displays a value that reflects the estimated accuracy of the averaged position.

Includes a host of advanced navigation features like enhanced moving map graphics, average and maximum speed data, and trip timers, and you have all the things that make the GPS 12 a pure bred Garmin-innovation, performance, and value. Find out more...


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Garmin GPS 12 Personal Navigator - Buy NOW!

Garmin GPS 12 Personal Navigator




Garmin GPS 12 Personal Navigator



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