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Freeplay Self Powered Lantern

There is no chance of being left in the dark with one of these. You will never need to buy batteries for it, and it can even be used as a generator to power other appliances that run out of batteries.

You turn the handle (for approximately 30 seconds) which energises a special constant force spring, which generates power through an internal gear train. You can store it in the fully wound state indefinitely ready for immediate use. The Lantern is also equipped with a rechargeable Ni-Cd battery and an intelligent AC/DC charge module. It offers two brightness settings, 'Norm' and 'Max' and a flash mode. Operation on the 'Max' setting requires a charged battery, which is achieved by an AC/Dc adapter, or by successive spring discharges into the battery. When fully charged, shine time is up to 2 hours on the 'Max' setting.

During a period of extended power failure (or remote use conditions), the Lantern can be charged repeatedly through the winding handle, and the power will be converted to electrical energy and stored.

When not used for illumination the Freeplay Self-Powered Lantern may be used as a generator to supply power to most appliances using two AA batteries. Its output capacity is limited to 3-Volts and 650mA. Find out more...


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Freeplay Self Powered Lantern




Freeplay Self Powered Lantern



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