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Fighting Lazer Robots

Lazer megaBotz deliver the ultimate high tech "tournament-style" action, as you try to direct your robots lazer beam at your opponents target. They're very fast, and will test you combat skills to the max.

Fight your own science fiction battles with these two futuristic Lazer robots. They fire infra-red beams at each other, trying to hit the sensor on the other's chest. A direct hit puts the tagged robot into a wild spin of flashing light and sound effects, while turning off one of his four energy level lights. Four direct tags means total power shutdown and "GAME OVER!"

Infra-red remote controls deliver full roving and tagging capability with forward, backward and 360 degree spin turning functions, plus twin lazer activation controls. Includes two megaBotz robots and two remote controls. These robots really will test your skills of radio control to the utmost. Find out more...


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Fighting Lazer Robots




Fighting Lazer Robots



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