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Executive - Latest Executive Toys Make Ideal Gifts & Presents

Whether you fancy a pen used on NASA space missions, an innovative mouse mat, some watch cufflinks, or simply want to relieve some stress with mini table football or the executive stress shooter, take a look here. An ideal section if you're looking for an executive gift.

Digital weather station - Your own forecaster

The manufacturers call it the ultimate and it lives up to this description. With its 7-line, LCD display, The best instant way to find out the weather forecast unless you have a hotline to John Kettly. The features on this product are almost endless. Find out more...

Chrome Plated Bullet Space Pen

Currently used on U.S. Space Shuttle missions. Costing over $2Million to develop, the famous Fisher Spacepen is the only pen that will write well in extreme cold (-50 degrees F) and heat (+400 degrees F) and in the zero gravity environment of Space. It has a stylish "bullet" design, and is currently used on U.S. Space Shuttle missions. Find out more...

Financial Advisor Ball - Your own financial advisor

Ideal for those working in the city, or concerned about their financial affairs. Just ask this cool green ball a financial question and give it a quick shake, and it will respond with the solution. Find out more...

Analogue Clock Cufflinks - Jet-setter essential

Stylish cufflinks with a miniature analogue clock built into each one. Great fun to wear around the office, and ideal for the jet-setter with two time zones to travel to! Next time someone asks you the time, tell them by looking at your cufflinks - They wont have seen that done before. Find out more...

Mini Business Card Organiser - Both cool & well organised

A miniature two-drawer filing cabinet, complete with a set of alphabetical index cards to sort and store business cards and suchlike. Has a metallic-silver finish, and a digital clock displayed in the top drawer. Find out more...

Night Pen - It lights as it writes

This cool and funky pen has an illuminating light facility enabaling you to write in the dark, or just wave around giving a strobe effect. A necessity if your thinking of becoming a secret agent. Find out more...

Executive Punch Bag - Release some executive pressure

Let off some steam with this rough and tough executive punch bag, designed to take you best jabs, hooks and cuts. Deliver a knockout blow in the office. Find out more...

Novelty scroll Mouse - It's wireless too

This cool silver and black mouse is one of the most sophisticated around, and is used without a wire, so reducing wires that clutter up your desk. It also has free zoom and powerful 3D Intelligent scrolling. Find out more...

Desk Darts - Just don't hit the boss

Take you mind off all that work you have to do before your next meeting, by having a relaxing game of desk darts. Find out more...

Massage Pen - On hand masseur

Ink comes out of one side, a relaxing massage out the other. This fine ball point pen features a pulsating massager at the top, which eases tension and relieves the stress typically associated with a hectic lifestyle. Find out more...

Procrastinator - A complete waste of time

There are no questions to answer, no solutions to find, just loads of things to do for no reason other than to amuse and to entertain. If you're at work and it seems like each minute is lasting an hour, just have a go with the procrastinator, and time is guaranteed to fly by. Find out more...

Computer Voodoo - No more need for tech support

Take out your computer frustrations with this computer voodoo pillow that's 5.5 inches tall and has appropriate voodoo points such as Virus, Fatal Error...Just spot the computer ailment and stick in a pin for amazing results. Find out more...

Slimline Digital Voice Recorder - Handy organisational tool

Record memos, messages and reminders with this digital voice recorder - its slim-line design means that you can carry it anywhere. Find out more...

Kinetic Mobile - A classic desktop ornament

It looks interesting even when stationary, but as soon as it is activated it becomes almost hypnotic. A small nudge is needed to start it, after which a small electric motor keeps it in motion. The large wheel rocks from side to side while the smaller ring spins at random. Find out more...

Alcohol Breath Sensor - Know your limit

This tiny gadget helps you to keep your alcohol consumption in check, showing you when its time to stop only 5 seconds after taking the easy test. It is infinitely reusable and stops you having one too many at the office party. Find out more...

Stress Shooter - Office Warfare

If work is piling up and you feel yourself getting a bit hot under the collar just unleash the stress shooter gun. It has great sound effects, flashing lights, and fires foam discs at one hell of a speed. Find out more...

Calculator Mouse Mat - Solar powered

If you ever need to do a quick sum while on your computer, there will be no need to look for a calculator, as this well designed mouse mat has a solar powered calculator incorporated onto it. Find out more...

Thermo CAL CALC - Multi function

Included in the stylish design is an alarm clock, musical alarm, digital thermometer, world time clock (with 16 time zones), programmable count down timer and calculator with a currency converter. Folds closed to protect the keypad and LCD screen. Find out more...

ID Business Card Holder - Executive essential

Keep all your important business cards in this stylish ID business card holder. Find out more...

Hour Glass Cufflinks - No more clock watching

Instead of clock watching during boring meetings, do a spot of sand juggling with these stylish hour glass cufflinks, that have a quality Matt-silver finish. Find out more...

Executive Mini Table Football - Football mad

Score with this action-packed tabletop football game. Despite it's compact size, this great game still has all the fun and exciting features of the larger game that everyone loves. Give it to your boss as an executive gift, but be careful not to beat him until after your next salary review. Find out more...

Desktop Soldier Work hard - Play harder

Disgruntled employees rejoice! With his designer shirt, and tie draped over his shoulder, this fully animated soldier is here to free the business world from the shackles of office tedium. Battery operated, he crawls along the desk in combat mode, stopping occasionally to let off a round of ammunition combined with flashing. Find out more...

Executive Mini Pool Table Chalk up

Scaled-down in size for desktop or tabletop play, but pumped with all the challenge and excitement of the big table. Included 2 cue sticks, cue ball and 15 solid and striped balls, rack and table. Find out more...

Professional Truth Machine - Liar Liar

With this item in the office nobody can tell a lie without being detected, unless of course they have the skills of Sharon Stone in Basic instinct. You can even test individuals on the TV, but it may explode if placed near a politician. This updated model also has the facility to be connect direct to you telephone line. Find out more...

Executive Magic Collection - Make money appear in front of your boss!

The Executive Magic Collection contains superb quality, easy to perform tricks to amaze, amuse and impress your friends. There are props, routines and instructions to perform numerous effects, including making money appear in front of your bank manager. Find out more...

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