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Dual Play Innovative MP3 Player

As you can see the Dual Play is in the shape of an audio-cassette, which enables you to play your music like a normal MP3 player i.e. through the earphones, but if you like, you can play the music through a standard cassette deck or car stereo.

Shaped like an audiocassette, you can play your music like a normal MP3 player or through a standard cassette deck or car stereo... LCD supports ID3 tags and CD Text, simplifying song identification from any compatible disc, while 120-second antishock protects you from the horrors of jumping music.

One of the first things you will notice other than the shape of the Dual Play is the build quality. Considering you have full solid state MP3 technology built into the player the quality is fantastic. Even the remote control unit has had lots of thought put into it. The screen on the remote is backlit and displays basic information, which is adequate, if not outstanding.

The retail package that is included with the DualPlay is very impressive indeed. Take a look at the specification and see what we mean.

Features: Digital Audio files(MP3,WMA,Audible Ready). Direct encoding from audio source i.e. Hi-Fi etc. Audio Book reading function (Audible Ready). Compatibility with Real Jukebox. Voice Recording (max.130minutes/32MB). High-sensitive microphone. USB Port. File transfer speed for Flash memory: 1.5Mbps. File transfer speed for MMC memory : 900Kbps. All PC data storage. LCD Remote Control. Car lighter Jack charger. Find out more...


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Dual Play Innovative MP3 Player - Buy NOW!

Dual Play Innovative MP3 Player




Dual Play Innovative MP3 Player



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