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Computerised Frisbee

Remember the Frisbee you take on holiday every year or take down the park....It's about to retire. The Eye-Fo, using a micro processor and LED Display enables your message to appears in strobing lights every time it is launched into orbit. You can change the text and it is equally visible at day or night.

The EYE-FO packs an on-board computer that can be easily programmed with any text message up to thirteen letters long. The lights are sensitive to the frequency at which the EYE-FO spins, so ensuring that the message is crystal clear in daylight, and at night it leaves a trail like a shooting star. The EYE-FO is battery powered and can be re-programmed over and over to carry different messages. It's also fitted with a special Gripper to give extra spin when in flight.


"The Eye-Fo seems set to become this year's phenomenon." Timeout "If you're as dangerously crap at throwing a Frisbee as we are it might be a good idea to have "sorry" as your chosen message" Front

The crème de la crème of Frisbee throwing" The Evening Standard "Rave culture has hit the world of the Frisbee" Stuff. Find out more...


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Computerised Frisbee




Computerised Frisbee



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