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Casio WQV-1 Digital Wrist Camera

As well as telling you the time and taking pictures, it's 1MB of built-in semiconductor memory can store up to 100 images, which you can view instantly, or upload to your computer. It's great for taking secret pictures without anyone knowing.

This is the World's First Digital Camera in a watch designed by Casio, the leading innovator in unique, feature-packed timepieces. You can record images, instantly view them, and delete the ones you do not want to keep, as many times as you like. An Auto Date Stamp feature automatically records the date (year, month, day) and time (hour, minutes) you take the picture.

You can choose from among three different modes when recording an image. The Normal Mode records the 16-grayscale monochrome image that appears on the monitor screen of the Wrist Camera. The Art Mode produces artful two-tone image, and the Merge Mode combines two different images into a single image.

After you record an image you can input up to 24 characters (12 characters in the upper line, 12 characters in the lower line) of memo text. A simple operation inputs alpha characters or numbers so you can take a person's picture and then input their name and telephone number.

With the separately available PC Link Kit you can upload images to your computer, for editing and archiving, and download them back to the Wrist Camera when you need to take them somewhere. You can even use your images as screen savers.

The Wrist Camera is designed to minimise battery power consumption and for easy battery replacement. An Auto Power Save feature automatically turns power off whenever it detects that the Wrist Camera is not being worn on the wrist. The press of a button in any mode records an image, which means that recording is quick and easy.

It's uses are endless.... Making a picture of your friends, take a snapshot of a number plate of a car, photograph a URL in a magazine so you can check it out later, take photos of a Ferrari you want to buy, catch somebody red handed. Find out more...


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Casio WQV-1 Digital Wrist Camera - Buy NOW!

Casio WQV-1 Digital Wrist Camera




Casio WQV-1 Digital Wrist Camera



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