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Blueroom Minipod Speakers

These futuristic loudspeakers have appeared in many films including The Truman Show and Lost In Space, and have been used by Orbital in their recording studio. This price is per pair.

Each speakers 115 quality components are individually sourced from manufacturers all over the world, and manually assembled in Denmark for final perfection. The injection-moulded cabinets are hand painted in a choice of durable colours: blue, white, black or silver.

The Minipod sits on 3 aircraft grade anodised aluminium sputnik spikes, or you can use the omnimount wallbracket for a flexible listening axis. The Minipods are perfect for use in a home cinema set-up. This price is per pair. Find out more...

System type:

    • 2-way 4th-order bass-reflex
    • direct-radiating.

Drive units:

    • one 130mm (5") dia long-throw
    • bass/midrange feat. kevlar piston and
    • 2mm (1") dia high-power voice coil on
    • kapton former. one 26mm (1") dia
    • free-mounted high-frequency unit feat.
    • neodimium motor, doped fabric
    • diaphragm and magnetic fluid for
    • cooling and damping

Power handling:

    • suitable for use with amplifiers of
    • between 10 - 100W RMS output into
    • 4 ohm on undistorted music or
    • speech programme.

Frequency range:

    • -6dB at 55Hz and 25KHz

Freefield response:

    • reference axis: +/-3dB, 60Hz - 22KHz.
    • dispersion 2dB max deviation over
    • horizontal 60deg arc centred on
    • reference axis, vertical 40deg arc
    • centred on reference axis.


    • 90 dB spl (1W at 1m).

Nominal impedance:

    • 4 ohm


    • frequency 3KHz. 2nd order LF. 3rd
    • order HF.


    • harmonics 1 & 2 < 1% 80Hz - 20KHz
    • (90dB spl, 1m).


    • H = 340mm (13.5"). W = 210mm
    • (8.5").
    • D = 220mm (8.5"). sputnik spikes add
    • 100mm (4").


    • 2.37Kg (5.5lb) with sputnik spikes


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Blueroom Minipod Speakers - Buy NOW!

Blueroom Minipod Speakers




Blueroom Minipod Speakers



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