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Audio MP3 Player

This popular player has substantial memory, customisable features and high-end audio which you can't get from other players. Capture and playback up to two hours of digital-quality music from the Internet or your CDs. Seize your audio, master your mix, retool your memory, even select your faceplate colour--it gives complete freedom of choice.

The Rio 600 supports the most popular audio formats--MP3 and WMA--and can be upgraded to support emerging digital standards so your Rio is always up to date.

SDMI compliance means you can download secure tracks from all the major recording labels. Also, upgrade your Rio 600 with separate snap-on memory backpacks--up to 340 MB for up to nine hours of music playback.

The USB interface allows you to download songs from your PC or Mac to your Rio faster than with any other interface type.

Features: Full solid state recording technology. Dot matrix Backlit graphical display. Displays Artist, song and track information. Various equaliser modes. User adjustable bass and treble. 11 hours battery life. Forward/reverse track skip. Repeat one, all, random, and A-B loops. Supports MP3 and WMA files. Snap-on upgradeable memory packs (see accessories section). Upgradeable to support future audio formats. Interchangable RIOtone face plates (see accessories section). Find out more...


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Audio MP3 Player




Audio MP3 Player



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