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Alcohol Breath Sensor

This tiny gadget helps you to keep your alcohol consumption in check, showing you when its time to stop only 5 seconds after taking the easy test. It is infinitely reusable and stops you having one too many.

The Alcohol Sensor is a small (10cm long) handheld device which shows breath alcohol level in one of four levels, displayed on an LED display. It's so easy to use; all you do is breath on it, and after 5 seconds it gives you the results. It's a brilliant gadget to stop you having one too many, and is so small you can take it anywhere. The batteries (included) last approx. 1 year

Warning! Under no circumstances should this product be used to judge whether an individual is fit to drive a car/ operate machinery/conduct potentially dangerous activities. Neither the manufacturer nor the retailer accept any liability for illegal behaviour such as drunken driving, irrespective of whether the product is used or not. Do not drink and drive! Find out more...


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Alcohol Breath Sensor - Buy NOW!

Alcohol Breath Sensor




Alcohol Breath Sensor



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