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Airstrike RC Plane

Completely built, the Air Strike requires no tools or glue for assembly and is ready for flight within a few minutes of opening the box. Produced from durable yet lightweight materials, the AirStrike is made with the strength needed by new pilots.

The 34" wingspan and "Cessna-like" design provide a stable, easy-to-control airplane, while the included 3 channel 72 MHz transmitter features controls for variable speed, rudder and elevator in the traditional "Mode 2" format appreciated by R/C club instructors. Because it's electric, the AirStrike can be flown in areas off-limits to larger, fuel-powered models!

A rechargeable 8.4 volt battery pack and automatic 12 volt DC peak charger provide the necessary power for clean, quiet and enjoyable flights. The AirStrike contains an auto-cutoff circuit that automatically reduces power to the motor when the battery pack nears the end of its charge, while leaving ample reserve radio power for gliding and a successful landing.

A comprehensive owners manual guides you step by step through final assembly, pre-flight checks and first flights. If you¹ve hesitated to try remote control because you thought it was too expensive, think again. Flight School has never been more affordable!

The Megatech AirStrike comes complete with Electric Powered Radio Control Airplane, Pro-Style 3 Channel 72MHz Radio Transmitter (with fully variable and trimmable speed, rudder and elevator control), 8.4 volt rechargeable Battery Pack and an automatic 12 volt DC Peak Charger. Also included are spare props, fuse, gear shaft and wrenches. The Air Strike requires no tools or glue for final assembly and is ready for flight within minutes of opening the box. Find out more...


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Airstrike RC Plane - Buy NOW!

Airstrike RC Plane




Airstrike RC Plane



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